Hawk Ship Launching Airbag

Advantages of Hawk High Bearing Capacity Ship Launching Airbags 

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Hawk Airbag Body Structure 

Hawk Airbag Inflate End & Drag End 


1. High Bearing Capacity


The bearing capacity is the main quality indicator of inflatable ship launching airbags. CB/T3795 - 1996 Ship Launching Airbags for Vessel Launching and Haul-in stipulates the bearing capacity of different grades of airbags and the bearing pressures per square meter under different compression conditions. Produced with new rubber formula and high tensile fibre, our new generation of the product has a bearing capacity of almost twice as much as required, which means our clients can use fewer airbags during ship launching and haul-in while ensuring safety.

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2. Great Tensile Strength


Moving under the vessel, airbags are squeezed between the hulk and the ground. As different parts move at different rates, they can be distorted, a process that can be described with the “Kneading and pressing”. Some parts of the inner layer will crease as a result, and the inner layer of the multilayer reinforced fibre can tear easily, thus causing the explosion of the whole airbag. The new generation of Hawk airbags has increased its rubber formula and manufacturing process, increasing the tear resistance capacity to bear the “kneading” process. 

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3. Anti-explosion Structure at the Ends


When the working pressure increases, so does the possibility of leaking between the iron parts and rubber at the ends of the airbag. After multiple uses, once end leak happens, the end parts of the airbag might be popped out under high pressure and cause injuries. Among airbag-related accidents, quite a few involve injuries caused by popped-out end parts of airbags of inferior quality. This should raise our alarm. To meet the requirements of airbags under high working pressure, our product comes with anti-explosion designs to ensure the iron parts are securely attached to the airbag body and that it is leak-proof. There has not been a single leak incident up till now, eliminating this safety risk.

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5. Ageing and Wear Resistance


Ship launching airbags work in very harsh conditions with much exposure to the sun, sea water, gravel and all sorts of pollutants. So the surface of the airbags has to resist wear, ageing, and erosion by sea water and chemicals. The body of our product uses natural rubber as raw material with other additional materials according to our improved formula. Because of its proven resistance to ageing and wear, our airbags usually have a lifespan of 6 to 8 years, with the longest 10 years.

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6. Greater Flexibility and Shock-dampening Ability


Hawk airbags are manufactured using Holistic Screw Technology with long vulcanization process in low temperature. The airbag has uniform thickness without any welded seams. Therefore with the same bearing capability, Hawk airbags can be thinner, softer and elastic. 

HAWK Airbag Models and Specifications


Hawk Airbag Working Pressure 



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